Is It Time To Change Your Brand and Logo?

Business owners often start their business with the best intentions. They form the business name, draw a logo, and create a slogan. A few years later, the business
has grown, but it is still lagging behind the competition. This may indicate that change is necessary.

While it’s important to choose a strategic business name initially, sometimes change is what a business needs to grow to the next level. When this is the case, a business owner must re-strategize a new brand and logo, as well as form
a campaign to get the “new” and improved business in front of old and new customers.

Clarify Your Business
First, a business name should clearly indicate to your customers what you do or provide. If it’s time for a business name change, think of a name that sets you apart. This is especially important if you have recently diversified. If you are now Sam’s Sweeping and you have added snow plowing, consider including that in your name or tagline.

Cement A Good First Impression
The perception of your business is very important, especially in your initial growth stages. As you develop a logo and brand image, it’s important to be continually aware of how and where your business is being received, and this may result in a strategic plan for a company relaunch or rebranding campaign. If your business is
in desperate need of a makeover, hire a professional.

A graphic designer will have the experience and breadth of knowledge to design both your business name and a new logo that work for your industry.

Develop A Staged Approach
After selecting your new brand and image, you’ll need to plan for your new brand release. If you’re a small business, it’s a good idea to focus on the website first, and then move on to the physical sales materials and mediums. Keep in mind the power of color, buzzwords, and effective sales and ad copy. You can coordinate your efforts over a 2-3 week period, and slowly phase out old material as you move ahead.

Creating A New Campaign
When you change your business name and logo, it is then time to start the campaign for new branding. Start by sending out press releases, announcements and newsletters to everyone on your current mailing lists. Tell your customers, vendors, and suppliers. Make an announcement to the world about your new brand name and logo. Buy advertising in your local media. Think of promotional events that will introduce your new brand to new customers.

Your main goal with a new brand and logo change is to make sure that everyone knows what it is you do and what your products or services are. When customers know these two important elements, then you have to prove to them why you are better than the competition. Sometimes name recognition is the competitive edge you need. If you think it’s time for a brand change, keep these tips in mind, and make it clear to your customers that change is for the good.

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