Walex Products Company, a specialty sanitation products manufacturer based in Wilmington, North Carolina, has announced the introduction of a new logo and corporate branding strategy.
The new logo, features the Walex name in blue illuminated by a radiating white starburst pattern. Walex is applying the new logo as a point of focus to tie its diverse product line together under one cohesive brand. Redesigned packaging for the Walex line of portion control deodorizers and waste digesters gives top billing to the Walex brand name like never before.
The enhanced Walex brand identity system complements the company’s increasing product distribution and corporate presence on multiple fronts. International distribution is on the rise for Walex, which has facilities located in Beijing, China and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Wilmington, NC.
“Now we’ve unveiled a more memorable brand that matches the high quality of the company and our performance products,” said Walex president Bill Williams.  “With the increased exposure our products now have at the retail and commercial level, it’s vital for us to establish the Walex brand identity and a recognizable family of Walex products. We think the new branding succeeds at that.”

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