Coxreels New Wand Holder for our 1125 Series Reels

Coxreels® announces the addition of a wand holder for the industry preferred 1125 Series hand crank and motorized reels. This accessory is constructed of strong, lightweight aluminum, with a black powder coating finish for superior corrosion resistance. The wand holder is 24” long with a 1.6” diameter, making this accessory the ideal solution to store pressure washing guns and other spraying devices directly on the reel. The versatile design allows for easy mounting on all four reel locations including the left, right, front and rear sides of the sturdy “A” frame base of the 1125 Series reels. This new high quality wand holder option includes long-lasting and rust-inhibiting stainless steel mounting hardware and maintains the durability and superiority found in every Coxreels® product.

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