Waterjet, Industrial and Municipal Cleaning Expo Geared To Contractors, Municipalities and Industrial Plants

The 2010 WJTA-IMCA Expo, the inaugural meeting of the WaterJet Technology Association and the Industrial & Municipal Cleaning Association, will be held August 17-19, 2010, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas. The WJTA-IMCA Expo is dedicated to high pressure waterjet technology and related industries.
“We are bringing together product and equipment manufacturers and suppliers, contractors, and representatives of municipalities, industrial plants, and machine shops to see and compare new and innovative equipment and products for all facets of high pressure waterjet technology and to hear direct, practical information that can improve a company’s bottom line,” says Expo Co-Chair Pat DeBusk, Inland Industrial Services.
High pressure waterjet technology is one of the fastest growing technologies used successfully in a variety of industries, such as industrial and municipal cleaning, precision waterjet cutting, and excavating for the installation of underground utilities.
Waterjet cleaning applications include heat exchangers, reactors, pipes, storage tanks, and other process equipment in the hydrocarbon, chemical production, metal, and power generation industries. Waterjets are also widely used in the construction, pulp and paper, mining, aerospace/aircraft, automotive, quarrying, and shipyard industries. Applications involve manually operated equipment and robotic systems.
Precision waterjet and abrasivejet cutting systems are used for cutting, machining and drilling a variety of materials. Precision waterjets produce complex parts out of virtually any material, including metals, stone, ceramic tile, glass, plastic, rubber, paper, foods, and more. To give machine shop representatives an opportunity to see how effective waterjet cutting can be, Jet Edge, Inc., will be performing live precision waterjet cutting demos on its mid rail gantry waterjet system.

Register now and see an incredible display of products and equipment in the Expo Hall, including:
— High pressure waterjet systems and tools for industrial and municipal cleaning and coating removal
— High pressure pumps
— Environmental and waste management solutions
— Wet/dry vacuum trucks
— Drain and sewer maintenance
— Waterblasting and hydrodemolition equipment
— Precision waterjet cutting systems, software, and abrasives
“Live equipment demonstrations are the most effective way to show people how this equipment works,” says Conference Co-Chair Bill McClister, Veolia Environmental Services. “Eleven companies have signed up to demonstrate waterjet pumps, waterblasting, tube and bundle lancing, paint/coating removal, pipe cleaning, industrial vacuuming, and testing the effectiveness of safety equipment.”
Gather practical information, including new business ideas, safety recommendations, tips and techniques to improve workforce productivity and stay competitive in today’s marketplace during the Expo Boot Camp Sessions. Topics include:
— DOT Regulations for Trucks/Trailers
— Safety in Waterjetting
— High Pressure Waterblasting
— Reducing Hydroblasting Risks and Incidents Through Partnership and Technology – A Special One-Hour Presentation by Kathy Krupp of Dow Chemical and Sam Harkins of Veolia ES Industrial Services
— Hose Fittings, Pressure Testing
— Is Cold-Cutting Really Non-explosive?
— Waterjet 101 – The Capabilities and Benefits of Precision Waterjet Cutting
— Video Inspection of Pipelines
— Hydro-Excavation
— Nozzle Selection for Sewer Cleaning
— Static Electricity – Causes, Effects and Solutions
— Plant Safety
“Knowledge really is one of the keys to success. The more contractors and end users shop and compare equipment, learn about safety and business issues, and network with colleagues, the more productive their business operations will be,” says WJTA-IMCA Chairman Bill Gaff, Environmental Solutions Group of Federal Signal Corporation. “The WJTA-IMCA Expo is the only program I know of where so much technology and information is available under one roof for the benefit of contractors and end users.”
To register online or obtain additional information, visit www.wjta.org, or contact WJTA-IMCA by email: wjta-imca@wjta.org, telephone: (314)241-13445, or fax: (314)241-1449.

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