Zoeller Pump Company New Product Release: Scale Removal System (SRS 109)

Zoeller Pump Company is proud to announce the release of the Scale Removal System (SRS 109). This 100% preassembled and job ready system is designed to save service technicians’ time when performing maintenance on gas-fired tankless water heaters.

This gas-tight, odor free unit effectively removes scale buildup from hard water deposits in the heat exchanger and captures the debris in a reusable filter. The SRS 109 is engineered to meet flushing requirements of gas-fired tankless water heater systems and is designed to operate on food grade vinegar (provided by others). NO CHEMICALS REQUIRED means complete peace of mind for the home owner and service provider.

SRS 109 Features Include:

  • 100% Factory Preassembled
  • Internal reusable filter sock captures debris
  • 5 gallon gas-tight tank assembly
  • 1/6hp 115 volt, 3.0 amp air filled pump
  • ¾” SS braided flush lines, 5’ length
  • Corrosion resistant components

Please visit www.zoellerpumps.com for more information on the SRS109 and other Zoeller Pump Company products.

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