Sim/Tech Filter Sure-Set

Sim/Tech Filter introduces new septic tank guide corners called Sure-Sets.  The Sure-Set helps to assure watertight sealing of mid-seam and sectional tanks as well as tops.  They do so by guiding the tank section or top into place.  This accurately lines up the butyl ribbon and helps to eliminate the sections from prematurely touching and affecting the placement of the butyl ribbon.  The Sure-Sets are easy to use.  For example, after placing the bottom of a mid-seam tank put a small amount of butyl on a Sure-Set and push one into place on at least 2 corners of the tank seam.  The butyl holds them in place while you wrap a 2” or 3” strap around the tank and Sure-Sets to hold them securely.  While lowering the top half of the tank, the wider top end of the Sure-Sets combined with the elasticity of the straps receives and steadies the top.  The top is then funneled into place by the Sure-Sets.  Once the top half of the tank is in place the Sure-Sets are ready to be removed and used on the next job.  For more information:  Toll Free 888-999-3290 or

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