Spring Fling

Is there anything better than the feeling you get when you know you no longer have to run your saltwater program (or whichever winterization method you use)?   Well, I know there are a few other things that are just as great but not when it comes to the portable restroom business.  That time signals the beginning of spring!

There is something about when the clocks go ahead that hour and the long days have more light on the backside.  You power-wash your entire fleet of trucks and the units that were out in the field through the winter; you catch up on repairs. It’s like a fresh start, and perhaps optimism returns as well.

The seasonal units begin to be deployed, you revamp your routes, and the invoice run looks more promising.  It’s almost an awakening of sorts, and it is a great time for the leader to rally his troops and get that passion pumping again!

In some cases, a few special events have popped up, and we all know that feels good, too. This season, make a point to visit all the events in your service area. You should even stop at an event that you aren’t bidding on to say hello to the event planner—it’s a good way to plant seeds for the following year. Pricing need not be discussed—this stop is just a simple check-up on the expectations they have and whether they are or are not be being met.

By all means, try and support the events you do have, with pricing at whatever level you are comfortable with. Don’t “give away the house,” but some strategically placed advertising within the venue or in the lead-up process can result in additional events in the future. A visit by a staff member goes a long way in proving to the event folks that you care. Be sure to wear a nice shirt with the company logo proudly displayed, and watch how many folks will stop you and comment about the quality and cleanliness of your units. That’s gratification.

In my opinion, any event that requires four or more units should be followed up with an “After Event Report.” This is a document that is prepared by your service techs who worked the event, and it is used to explain areas of concern regarding overuse, placement or accessibility during event hours.  This tool is great when used properly, and you need to make sure it gets in the right hands.  You may then be invited to a follow-up committee meeting to present your findings to the group, which may lead to a better experience for the planners and attendees.  You also have the opportunity to further legitimize your company and the industry and to demonstrate professionalism that blows away your competition.

Ultimately, love what you do and make it obvious. Throughout this great country, most of the time people choose to work with others they like or at least feel good around. Keeping that in mind, leave your long face at home or in the truck. It’s all about the experience, and you have most of the control when it comes to that.

Don’t drop the ball; be a winner!  Always remember one thing: the portable restroom business is way more involved than those on the outside realize. It’s not a good hobby, and you need to profit from the effort you put forth.
Have a great season!

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