NLB Typhoon™ 10 nozzles clean small pipes with less leakage

WIXOM, MICH… OCT. 28, 2009… Two new Typhoon™ 10 rotating water jet nozzles from NLB Corp. clean pipes as small as 5/8-inch (1.6 cm) in diameter and use water more efficiently than other rotating nozzles.  The Typhoon™ 24-10 is for applications requiring water pressure of up to 24,000 psi (1,680 bar), while the Typhoon™ 15-10 is for pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,035 bar).  These self-propelling nozzles rotate at up to 7,000 rpm with a maximum flow of 10 gpm (38 lpm).

Both new nozzles feature several improvements to traditional rotating nozzle designs.  The rotating action comes from the nozzle instead of the barrel, to focus the force of the high-pressure water up front where it can be most effective.  While some leakage is desirable (as lubrication against metal-to-metal friction), an innovative new seal limits it to about half the industry norm.  This leakage is distributed at both ends to equalize nozzle wear.

NLB has two other rotating nozzles for pipe cleaning, both with variable rotation, speed control and field repairability.  The Typhoon™ 20 is designed for pipe diameters from 6 to 10 inches (15.2 – 25.4 cm) and operates at flows up to 20 gpm (76 lpm).  The Typhoon™ 60 is a high-flow nozzle for large pipes (up to 50 inches in diameter, or 127 cm) and rotates at up to 500 rpm.

NLB Corp. is a leader in high-pressure and ultra-high pressure water jet technology.  The company manufactures a full line of quality water jetting systems and accessories for contractor and industrial uses, including pipe and tube cleaning, product removal, surface preparation, tank cleaning, concrete hydrodemolition, concrete and pipe cutting, and more.

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